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Published on Jun 13, 2018


Here we are with a new appointment of iSpazio LastMinute, our section where we list the best applications in the AppStore that are discounted for a limited period of time. It is possible that in the course of the day are added new titles to where click here and download iSpazio Push App to follow the evolution of the article.


Haunted Legends: The Stone Guest HD - A Hidden Objects Detective Game (Full)Big Fish Games, IncVecchio Prezzo6.99 €3,49 € A quiet town is disturbed by a criminal who steals the hearts of children, your detective work will unravel the mystery before the hearts of the children captured cease to beat for ever? A game for hidden objects with intriguing puzzles, and beautiful scenes super detailed. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.4 SviluppatoreBig Fish Games, IncDispositivoiPad

YANKAI'S TRIANGLEKenny SunVecchio Prezzo2.99 €1,09 € A puzzle of enigmatic, made of triangles, and triangles, with a good dose of color. The Gameplay's pretty fun and special. Why not try it?! CategoriaGiochiVersione3.9.27 SviluppatoreKenny SunDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Icewind DaleOverhaul Games Inc.Old Prezzo9.99 €4,49 € it Is a game of Dungeons & Dragons that dates back to 2000, set in the legendary Forgotten Realms Wizards of The Coast. This improved version compared to the original, allowing a new generation of players to experience this epic adventure. In the valley of the icy wind, a dark evil moves under the blanket of snow and ice decided to result in the destruction of Faerûn. An engrossing adventure between the best of its kind. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.5.16 SviluppatoreOverhaul GamesDispositivoiPhone and iPad

SeroJAKE HAUGENVecchio Prezzo0.99 €Free In this puzzle-game atmospheric you have to guide the protagonist of the game, Sero, through more than 60 challenging levels and colorful. an original game and well pact that will make you want to finish it and start to play. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.1SviluppatoreJAKE HAUGENDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Doodle GodJoyBits Co Ltd.Old Prezzo0.89 €1,09 € Puzzle game fun and entertaining for all ages. It combines several elements, fire, earth, water and air to create an entire universe! You will have to start from a simple microorganism to create animals, objects, tools, and much, much more, as the universe was not created in a day! CategoriaGiochiVersione3.0.19 SviluppatoreJoyBits Ltd.DispositivoiPhone and iPad

Evel KnievelBarnstorm Games LimitedVecchio Prezzo1.09 €Free Relive the career of daredevil Evel Knievel, starting to jump with the humble 250cc Scrambler, until you get to perform amazing jumps, such as the 13 bus in london or the fountain casino in Las Vegas, with its 750cc Ultimate. A game you stunts and jumps on bikes. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0.10 SviluppatoreBarnstorm GamesDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Spout: monochrome missionTriple Trip StudioVecchio Prezzo0.89 €A Free of charge game in old-school style, simple but fun with minimal graphics. The goal is to get as far away as you can while avoiding the obstacles. 3 modes: “classic”, “hyper” and “adventure” for a lot of fun. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.0SviluppatoreTriple Trip StudioDispositivoiPhone and iPad

BeatHawkUnivers SonsVecchio Prezzo9.99 €5,49 € App for creating music truly remarkable, with a practical manual and video tutorial to understand how it works, this app is also suitable for the less experienced. A workflow is extremely efficient and logical, it lets you create music with ease. Really one of the best of its kind. CategoriaMusicaVersione2.2.4 SviluppatoreUVItouchDispositivoiphone and iPad

Zip—ZapPhilipp StollenmayerVecchio Prezzo2.99 €2,29 € Nice game from the look minimal, the only elements on the screen are what will allow you to jump to the next diagram. The gameplay is intuitive, you have to tap an item for comparison, leave him, in this way you will be able to move the elements allowing it to reach the precise point of the screen, you will move forward. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.11SviluppatorePhilipp StollenmayerDispositivoiPhone and iPad

PixelMazeJuhapekka PiiroinenVecchio Prezzo0.99 €0,49 € it Is a game that is really simple, both for graphics and for the gameplay but it is equally stimulating. Offers two game modes, 2D and 3D, in addition to a mode “endless”. In each level you will need to be able to achieve the goal by collecting the pixels. You're not curious? CategoriaGiochiVersione1.9.6 SviluppatoreJuhapekka PiiroinenDispositivoiPhone and iPad

iSpazioFabiano ConfuortoVecchio Prezzo0.00 €Free Note: Being “offered to take the flight”, the prices listed in the article are true in the moment in which it is written, but it is possible that during the day, or after a few minutes, these change applications and come back to payment. We recommend you to download iSpazio Push App from the AppStore in such a way to be notified via a push notification as soon as we publish our last-minute newspapers.CategoriaNewsVersione3.1.3 SviluppatoreFabiano ConfuortoDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Let us know what have been downloaded in such a way to be able to take a starting point for a more complete review and accurate.

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