ISpazio last minute: February 13,. Here is the app in limited Supply [8]


Published on Feb 13, 2018


Here we are with a new appointment of iSpazio LastMinute, our section where we list the best applications in the AppStore that are discounted for a limited period of time. It is possible that in the course of the day are added new titles to where click here and download iSpazio Push App to follow the evolution of the article.


ShapistQIXEN-P DESIGN LLPVecchio Prezzo0.89 €Free Puzzle game about blocks sliding. This title nn you with the most recent, shows us how you can embrace a classic concept through the use of physics, experimentation and new mechanics. A game without time limit and no score, only you and over 60 puzzles to solve. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.0.4 SviluppatoreQIXEN-P DESIGN LLPDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Legend - Animated Text in Video & GIFStupeflixVecchio Prezzo1.99 €for Free Create and convert the text into animations with this amazing app is perfect for Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, iMessage. A large set of combinations of characters, animations, backgrounds and colors to have fun having fun! A simple, easy-to-use and fast. CategoriaFoto and videoVersione1.1.1 SviluppatoreStupeflixDispositivoiphone and iPad

Countdown PRO+sascha maihoeferVecchio Prezzo2.99 €2,29 € A tool that is fun and even useful sometimes, that gives us a way to launch a countdown for our most important events. CategoriaUtilityVersione2.9.5 Sviluppatoreit-sbs.deDispositivoiPhone and iPad

DropchordDouble Fine Productions, Inc.Old Prezzo1.99 €Free Game that entertains and enjoys music hits, images, intriguing and hypnotizing, and with a soundtrack of electronic interesting. The graphic style is influenced a lot by the viewers music and games arcade score attack. This game will test your skill and dexterity. A fantastic mix of melodies, dance and synth-heavy electro-funk. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.1.2 SviluppatoreDouble End ProductiDispositivoiPhone and iPad

KairoboticaKairosoft Co., LtdVecchio Prezzo6.99 €5,49 € take the role of a commander committed to patrol the planets in the galaxy in danger because of the monstrous people and defeat them to make your team become the security force of the interstellar elite the most powerful in the galaxy. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.02SviluppatoreKairosoft Co., LtdDispositivoiPhone and iPad

iChimica™ ProMobixee LtdVecchio Prezzo4.99 €3,49 € Application to learn chemistry fast by choosing from more than 70 topics, thanks to the explanation clear and simple. Repeat easily, Formulas, Laws, Definitions and properties, thanks to effective summary, find the topics that interest you thanks to the advanced algorithm of search, save your Favorites to have them always at your fingertips and add your personal notes to the topics, to remind you what to discuss. Learning has never been so easy! CategoriaIstruzioneVersione4.0SviluppatoreMobixee LtdDispositivoiPhone and iPad

CubwayArmnomads LLCVecchio Prezzo2.99 €Free Game with a story abstract, atmospheric environment and unique levels-original and intriguing, different game mechanics and music tracks environmental atmosphere. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.2.5 SviluppatoreArmNomads LLCDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Archimedes CalculatorPatrick PijnappelVecchio Prezzo2.99 €Free Archimedes is a calculator app useful and functional! It is supported by a powerful mathematical engine that makes the calculations of a simplicity astounding. The equations, even the most complex, are resolved automatically. CategoriaIstruzioneVersione3.2.1 SviluppatorePatrick PijnappelDispositivoiPhone and iPad

iSpazioFabiano ConfuortoVecchio Prezzo0.00 €Free Note: Being “offered to take the flight”, the prices listed in the article are true in the moment in which it is written, but it is possible that during the day, or after a few minutes, these change applications and come back to payment. We recommend you to download iSpazio Push App from the AppStore in such a way to be notified via a push notification as soon as we publish our last-minute newspapers.CategoriaNewsVersione3.1.1 SviluppatoreFabiano ConfuortoDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Let us know what have been downloaded in such a way to be able to take a starting point for a more complete review and accurate.

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