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Published on Oct 07, 2018


Here we are with a new appointment of iSpazio LastMinute, our section where we list the best applications in the AppStore that are discounted for a limited period of time. It is possible that in the course of the day are added new titles to where click here and download iSpazio Push App to follow the evolution of the article.


NanuleuSelva Interactive Sociedad AnonimaVecchio Prezzo3.99 €2,29 € A game belonging to the genre “tower defense” but with a different dynamic from the usual. A RTS defense game / Tower in which we have to control a series of trees and magic, whose survival is threatened, and defeat, therefore, the enemies who try to destroy them. We will have to plant new trees choosing between expansion, resource acquisition or defense. Your objectives are to capture certain points on the map and destroy your enemies, before it is too late. CategoriaGiochiVersione3.01SviluppatoreSelva InteractiveDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Brusher - The toothbrush timerLucien ConstantinoVecchio Prezzo1.99 €1,09 € Here is a useful application to always maintain a good oral hygiene. A timer that is customizable to the cleaning of the teeth, feedback, audio, local notifications, memo to the exchange of a toothbrush or dental visits, and automatic saving of the usage events in the calendar. CategoriaSalute and benessereVersione1.7SviluppatoreLucien ConstantinoDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Счетчик калорий и БЖУ NoitaFitnoitaTech OyVecchio Prezzo3.99 €3,49 € If you want to lose or maintain an ideal weight a good ally can be a good calorie counter. Macros Counter is a dedicated app that offers a big database and reliable, with more than 6500 food products from which to choose and a clean gui and practical. CategoriaSalute and benessereVersione3.0SviluppatoreNoitaTech OyDispositivoiPhone and iPad

1849: Gold EditionSomaSim LLCVecchio Prezzo6.99 €3,49 € it Is a game of city management game set during the Gold Rush in California. Our task is to build a city, populate it with workers, and to ensure that they are accommodated, fed and entertained. Networks of production and trade must be managed in the best possible ways to make the city prosperous. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.0.7 SviluppatoreSomaSimDispositivoiPad

Crop Busters HDAlawar Entertainment, IncVecchio Prezzo3.99 €2,29 € A 3-match-game is super colorful, certainly not a new concept, but one of the few games 3-match adventure on the App Store. A farm linked to so many memories and now in ruins, touch the screen and drag crops to create matches, fill trucks with a lot of products before the time runs out to earn money, and return the farm to its former glory. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.0SviluppatoreAlawar EntertainmentDispositivoiPad

99 Bricks Wizard AcademyWeirdBeard B. V. Old Prezzo2.99 €Free Learn powerful spells to improve your building skills in a magical world a bit absurd. Challenge gravity and physics with intuitive touch controls single touch and play with the construction of the absurd towers. while other mages mischievous as Big Barry, Harry Hawk, that you will complicate your life. A simple but fun game with a wink to the past through the unmistakable locks of the lord “Tetris”. CategoriaGiochiVersione2.5.0 SviluppatoreWeirdBeardDispositivoiphone and iPad

Fishing BossMONOSPECT YAZILIM BILISIM HIZMETLERI TICARET LTD STIVecchio Prezzo4.99 €2,29 € “Fishing Boss” is a game of navigation in the open sea where you can explore the world, unlock new reservoirs and discover the different types of fish. A simple and fun game with beautiful 3D graphics and which does not require internet connection! CategoriaGiochiVersione1.3SviluppatoreMonospectDispositivoiphone and iPad

BCMサーフィンゲーム"World Surf Tour"Risesystem, Inc.Old Prezzo3.99 €2,29 € You've always dreamed of riding the waves but live far from the sea? Download Surfing Game and rock out to the edge of your surfboard competitions in the last wave. A nice graphics, a simple gameplay for this game on the competitions of surfing. CategoriaGiochiVersione3.7SviluppatoreRisesystem, inc.DispositivoiPhone and iPad

Phantom RiftFoursaken MediaVecchio Prezzo2.99 €1,09 € If you like role-playing games rich in action and adventure proof “Phantom Rift”, an RPG with a unique combat system inspired by Mega Man Battle Network, a lot of spells to collect and use, many combinations of equipment to customize your mage and so on. Integration multiplayer PvP only and without breaks. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.1.3 SviluppatoreFoursaken MediaDispositivoiPhone and iPad

SynestheticAlexandru Eugen DantisVecchio Prezzo4.99 €3,49 € A mix between “Audiosurf” and “Boost”, this game will lead us on a fantastic voyage through our music is, in fact, the first iOS game that syncs with the music on your device. It is like a ride on the roller coaster, dodging obstacles, never stopping, in a dynamic environment that follows the rhythm, with a thousand colors, trying to improve their score in each game. CategoriaGiochiVersione1.08SviluppatoreAlex DantisDispositivoiPhone and iPad

iSpazioFabiano ConfuortoVecchio Prezzo0.00 €Free Note: Being “offered to take the flight”, the prices listed in the article are true in the moment in which it is written, but it is possible that during the day, or after a few minutes, these change applications and come back to payment. We recommend you to download iSpazio Push App from the AppStore in such a way to be notified via a push notification as soon as we publish our last-minute newspapers.CategoriaNewsVersione3.1.3 SviluppatoreFabiano ConfuortoDispositivoiPhone and iPad

Let us know what have been downloaded in such a way to be able to take a starting point for a more complete review and accurate.

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