Is dead, Makoto Ogino, author of Kujaku the Exorcist


Published on May 10, 2019


The official web site of the journal of the seinen manga Young Jump Shueisha announced that the master Makoto Ogino is the author of the famous Kujakuoh (King Peacock), was switched off on 29 April at the age of 59 years for a kidney failure.

The funeral was held privately last May 8.

Born in 1959 in Gifu prefecture, the teacher, Ogino has made his debut as an author is a professional in 1985 on Young Jump just with Kujakuoh; he then serialized works Kujakuoh: Taimaseiden, Yashagarasu, ALGO!, Child, Kenjuushin and Kujakuoh: Magarigamiki for the same magazine.

Before the disappearance of the master was at work on two manga of the saga of Kujaku, so they remain incomplete: Kujakuoh: Sengoku Tensei and Kujakuoh Rising.

Kujakuoh has given origin to two series of OVA's: the first three episodes was published between 1988 and 1991; the second of the two has arrived in the video stores the japanese in 1994.

The same manga inspired a live action film in 1988, and various video games for the Nintendo Famicom, MSX, Sega Mark III (Master System) and the Sega Mega Drive / genesis; the chapters for the Sega consoles have arrived and in the West respectively, with the securities Spellcaster and Mystic Defender.

In Italy, his manga are all brand new, while the OVA of Kujakuoh have been published by Yamato Video DVD with the title Kujaku The Exorcist.

Is dead, Makoto Ogino, author of Kujaku the Exorcist is




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