Iron Man: the first pages of the final number with Tony Stark!


Published on Dec 16, 2019


Attention! The article may contain spoilers!

January 2020 will see the return of Arno Stark in the role of Iron Man, who will be the protagonist of a new comic book he is totally dedicated. After the trailer for the beginning of Iron Man 2020 is now imminent and for this reason, perhaps we should prepare ourselves to greet Tony Stark, then what will be his destiny?

The final number of the current run, which has as its protagonist Tony Stark, will be available in the United States starting this week and, not surprisingly, will be the last issue of Iron Man in 2019, what will happen to our playboy billionaire philanthropist favourite? Let's find out together by taking a look at the preview of the first pages of Tony Stark: Iron Man #19.

As is the tradition, also this time someone would die, and who if not our own protagonist. Recently, Tony's life took a dramatic turn, our hero has lived a nightmare believing to be merely a simulation, a digital copy of the real Tony Stark. In the meantime, Iron Man has had to contend again with Ultron, time at the molecular level with Hank Pym, who threatens to merge into a single entity Jocasta and Janet Van Dyne aka the Wasp. The situation is worsened further when Janet ran away and Tony has remained involved in the wave of fusion, molecular, and thus Janet that Jocasta is are fused to his armor.

Thanks to the help of the team at Stark Unlimited, Tony was able to return in itself, but Ultron is still out there. Then, without another artificial intelligence, the protagonist has decided to use the historical first model of his armor. How it will end? We'll find out by reading the comic!

Tony Stark: Iron Man#19 written by Dan Slott and Christos N. Gage (Amazing Spider-Man), the designs of Francesco Manna, while Alexander Lozano designed the cover.

“The final of ULTRON AGENDA!”

What would happen if there was more Tony Stark? And if there was only Iron Man? At the end of 2019, the boundaries between the human and the machine are broken and blurry... and the Marvel Universe will be a very different place in the year 2020. Is coming a new Iron Age... and you can not miss the fundamental chapter.

Tony Stark: Iron Man#19 will be available in the States starting from the 18th of December!


Iron Man: the first pages of the final number with Tony Stark! is




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