Iron Fist 2: this also Blindspot?


Published on Aug 28, 2018


After the parentheses in Marvel's The Defenders, the various heroes Netflix are ready to go back to their “lives” with the new seasons of various tv series: in addition to Jessica Jones (already streaming with the new season) among these there is certainly Danny Rand, the hero, played by Finn Jones ready to find out what happened to K un-Lun during his absence, and the clash with the Hand, as well as committed to defend the streets of New York.

In this second season of Iron Fist might also be space for Blindspot, a character created by Charles Soule appeared for the first time in comics in 2015. On Twitter, the cartoonist has, in fact, revealed that the actor James Chen will be part of the Marvel series/Netflix the shoes of a character named Sam Chung, leaving few doubts on the role. “I don't know anything specific about the role and if it will be really presented Blindspot, but I hope they have the background comic of the character” the words of the Soule.

A character named Sam Chung, played by James Chen, is appearing in Iron Fist Season 2... very interesting...

— Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) August 25, 2018

Given the words of the Soule, the presence of Chung is now certain: it remains to be seen how the writers will want to introduce the character, if immediately in the role of a Blindspot, or perhaps in the most unobtrusive manner, leaving the set of Daredevil the task to show the skills of the hero (most likely hypothesis), which was established as a partner of the devil of Hell's Kitchen.

Previously, Finn Jones has spoken of the different dynamics of this second season, Danny is much more exposed and involved in the defense of the city. This new role, the more “active” and responsibility, will pose new challenges in front of the path of the protector of K un – Lun, also due to the beginning of a life together with Colleen.

“When we see Danny for the first time in this new season, will be engaged to defend the streets of New York, by taking on the role to be vigilant very seriously, as well as the commitment with Colleen which has just gone live. When you're young and you start to define yourself as a man, to find your place in the world and start a life with your girlfriend, going to create a sort of balance, it is normal to arise from new challenges. Danny will begin to manage his double life, even having a public role, and may's relief,” the words of Finn Jones.

In public life, and to be watchful, then, in spite of the context of this new season is not the Rand Corporation, but the streets of the city, as pointed out by the showrunner Raven Metzner “The approach is different, we've brought the action in the streets of New York. It was great working with all the stunt team, we've all got to learn from them”.

Here he is in the original language:

In the cast, as well as Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, respectively, as Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, will return to Tom Pelphrey (Ward Meachum), Jessica Stroup (Joy Meachum) and Sacha Dhawan (Davos), best friend Danny to K un-Lun). In the role of the villain Typhoid Mary/Mutant Zero has been chosen instead of Alice Eve.

The series will arrive on Netflix on the 7th of September.

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