Iron Cat: the new hero of Marvel in the arrival


Published on Mar 11, 2020


Marvel Comics has released three promotional images to herald the arrival of a new hero (or most probably heroin) in the armor called the Iron Cat.

A more careful analysis, however, the images seem to be part of an artwork much larger than, the well-known portal Newsarama has in fact put together like the pieces of a puzzle.

As you can see from the collage, this new armor has a coloration mainly in white and gray, marked by a logo in pink on the chest.

Judging by the publications of Marvel's currently ongoing, leaving all to think that it's rather trivially of Felicia Hardy, known as the Black Cat. The style of the design is in fact comparable to that of J. Scott Campbell, who currently takes care of the covers of the series dedicated to the note taker of the Marvel universe.

Despite the above-mentioned images leave much still to the imagination, this apparition may take the form of a number 12 of the Black Cat, not only for the presence of Tony Stark on the cover, but also because Marvel itself has revealed that Felicia will steal one of the armor of Iron Man, which he's obviously not going to be happy.

In Italy the series dedicated to Black Cat is of course published by Panini Marvel comics, the first volume (which contains the chapters 1 to 6) was released on February 20, 2020.

Iron Cat: the new hero of Marvel in the arrival of




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