IPhone XS sells better than iPhone X, but the primacy remains with the iPhone 7


Published on Oct 03, 2018


Flurry Analytics used data from more than a million applications for mobile devices to make an estimate of the sales of the iPhone XS and do a comparison with iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The company reveals that the iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are a success for Apple, success destined to grow with the launch of the iPhone XR. Without any surprise, the new smartphones have passed the iPhone 8/8 Plus in sales, for iPhone X is instead to consider the market launch delayed for production problems.

Another interesting aspect that emerges from the survey is that Apple has generated 7% of revenue in the most from the iPhone XS/XS Max, compared to the combined sales of the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus in the same period of the year.

However, despite the excellent sales of the iPhone XS iPhone 7 continues to maintain the first position:

In terms of market penetration, the iPhone 7 (15.40%) is currently the model of the iPhone in the first place. iPhone 7 Plus (12.73%) is in second place, followed by the iPhone 6S (12.40%).

The article iPhone XS sells better than iPhone X, but the primacy remains with the iPhone 7 comes from iSpazio.




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