IPhone XS 256 GB discounted to 170€ on Amazon!


Published on Oct 11, 2018


Only A few weeks from the official launch of the new iPhone XS, arrive already the first promotions and discounts on Amazon. Currently the 256gb model is available in discount with a price of up to 170€ less compared to the price list.

Typically you have to wait some month to see the first significant discounts on Apple devices, just come out. This year, instead, we already find some interesting promotion only a few weeks since the launch. The offer is being promoted directly on Amazon, so an online store is completely reliable and safe, even if in this case the iPhone are shipped from a third party store. The policies for these stores are exactly the same, and then include the right of return and a guarantee of two years.

The list price of the new iPhone XS 256 GB is 1.359€, available for immediate purchase on the Apple website. On Amazon, thanks to the promotion, you can buy the same model at the price of:

The Gold version then drops to a lower price compared to the model from 64 GB on the Apple website you can find 1.189€. It is, therefore, a promotion rather advantageous if you want a model with a high memory.

All three models of the iPhone XS 256 GB are available on promotion on Amazon at this address.

We also take a look at our section daily “Scontiamolo”, dedicated to the offerings available on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. You might find interesting offers, such as headsets AirPods at 154€.

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