IPhone XR: iOS 12.1.1 allow you to expand the notifications with Haptic Touch


Published on Nov 08, 2018


When Apple launched the iPhone XR has promised that some of the functions to substitute for the 3D Touch would come with future updates. Yesterday was released iOS 12.1.1 beta 2 and actually added a new action for iPhone XR. Let's see what it is.

This smartphone, unlike the others, is not equipped with 3D Touch, but only of the Haptic Touch, a system that simulates the previous one through a simple long press, which is combined with a vibration.

Some of the features of the 3D Touch as the Peek and Pop, or as the quick actions on the icons on the home screen will probably never see the light on the iPhone XR but the ability to expand Rich Notifications through the Haptic Touch is now a reality with iOS 12.1.1 beta 2.

Expand Push Notifications is probably the gesture that leads us to use the 3D Touch more often and it's really a great news to know that Apple has extended the use of the haptic Touch on this front.

In reality they do not understand the reason why the iPhone XR missed this function since in all the iPad is not this the 3D Touch, but the notifications can be expanded with the prolonged pressure.

iOS 12.1.1 will also bring other new features such as a redesign of the application FaceTime and new complications for the Apple Watch.

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