IPhone XR destroys the competition with Android in terms of performance


Published on Oct 29, 2018


Although it is not a top of the line model, the new iPhone XR has obtained a high score in benchmarks, thanks to its processor A12 Bionic, the same as on the iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone XR has under the hood on the new processor A12 Bionic, made by TSMC with the construction technology to 7 nanometers. It is undoubtedly in the mobile processor more powerful than the entire market, in fact, a number of manufacturers, Android still struggle a lot to reach the results you obtained from Apple. Even if the iPhone XR is a smartphone with a lower cost compared to the iPhone XS iPhone and XS Max, this manages to achieve essentially the same performance, beating easily the competition the Android.

According to benchmarks carried out with Geekbench 4, iPhone XR totaled $ 10.980 points in multi-core and 4795 points in single core. It is a score truly exceptional, slightly lower than the one reached by the iPhone XS, have an amount of memory higher RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the latest smartphone released by the south Korean company, has scored a total of 8765 points in multi-core and 2442 in singlec core. Recall that this smartphone is sold for a price higher than the iPhone XR. The Galaxy S9 Plus instead has scored a total of 8661 and 3371 points, respectively, in the multi-core and single core. Finally, we still have the new OnePlus 6, who has achieved 8882 points in multi-core, but cost is only 530 dollars.

The iPhone XR despite its lower cost, can easily beat the competition with Android in terms of performance. The power inside the chip A12 Bionic will allow the smartphone to receive updates for several years. Therefore, it is a very good smartphone, recommended to those who do not want to spend over a thousand euros for the new iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

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