IPhone X withdrawn from the market. We clearly on yet another hoax that infests the web


Published on Jan 23, 2018


iPhone X will be actually withdrawn from the market? It was a sales flop? Really Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the greatest analysts accredited in the world, Apple, has given the guilt of the alleged flop of iPhone X the infamous notch? Let's try to make clarity on the news that many of the mass media, international and Italian are bringing insistently, and that deserves some exploration.

Foreword: if you read iPhoneItalia you'll probably be immune to yet another great hoax of the Web: “the iPhone X will be withdrawn from the market because, for the fault of the notch, in China has been a flop“. This, the summary, of what you are reading around in these hours.

A blatant hoax that we will try to clarify in detail below:

As we have told you here, on the 23rd of January, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a note to investors (for accuracy, what follows is part of the second note that Kuo has issued) has stated that, in substance, the iPhone X will not be “scaled price” and played again the next year, as we are accustomed usually to see, but its production will cease in favor of an alleged iPhone X the "second generation" (a little, following what happens with the updates of the Mac and the Apple Watch, which will be joined an older brother in the Plus variant from the 6.5". To complete the triptych, an alleged iPhone LCD 6.1" which should also be equipped with Face ID, and a resulting notch. In order to avoid that the iPhone X this year, climbed for the price, would cannibalize sales of this “mid-range” (so the defines Kuo, has predicted that the iPhone X of the first generation will not be produced.

If as stated before could not be understood immediately by many in the industry, from here on, instead, we don't know if there was an attempt of real fake news or if, as often happens, many magazines, and not (alas) limited to a barbarian copy – and-paste, without having to consult the original source, creating a large mess.

A premise: how are going the sales the only know Apple and we will know only on the 1st of February when the same Apple he shall communicate it to the shareholders. And it is said even that, we'll never know with certainty, since often Apple communicates the total number of iphones sold.
That said, we hold on to words of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst refers only to the chinese market, saying that the low performance in this market have led analysts to revise estimates of global downside. There we talked about in our article on the 19th of February (we carry our articles, and also because they are Italian, they found the original sources).

Even here, in the first note of Kuo, as we reported, the analyst makes reference to that may be the causes of this decline he estimated sales in China. In many articles made reference to the “notch” to the famous notch that shape the display of the iPhone X. here, we are one of the fake news, the clickbaiting and the information given in a rough and not truthful. Says Kuo that there are two main reasons for the demand weaker than expected iPhone X in China, as we already told, in the article of 19 February.

The first is the lengthening of the cycle of replacement of the devices: if, in fact, in the Q4 2016, smartphone users will have up-to-date after 14-16 months, in Q4 2017 we have moved to a threshold between 24 and 26 months.

The second is the propensity of chinese consumers to the use of larger displays. According to Kuo, the design with the notch on the iPhone X is not yet compatible with many popular chinese applications, bringing many customers to see it as an offer of space on the screen available the lesser of the Plus models. This confusion, coupled with the high price of the iPhone X, is expected to have sottoquotato the question. Then according to Kuo, the problem is not the infamous notch, but just a question, well-known and also the screen is not large enough. In addition to the foregoing, we remind, that the net of the compatibility of the applications, it is evident to all that the area of the screen that can be used on iPh0ne X is only slightly greater than that of a iPhone “Plus”.

No reference to the design of the device, therefore, nor on the fact that the notch in the first encounter with the hostility of the chinese market, in the words of the analyst.

For sake of completeness, we note that, with regard to the sales, as I said, we speak always of the estimates. For Morgan Stanley, for example, sales in China are going very well.

Latest hoax is to disassemble, which is this. In the chaos of the news read and never confirmed, it is then deduced that the next year we would have had a different design, with a notch “thinner”, etc...
This hoax multiple here also, probably, part from the usual news packed without knowledge of the facts, that they end up giving birth to a real fried of the information hi-tech.

In the light of what has been said above, next year the iPhone X will keep the same design and the same “notch”. It is true, we have published a news story about it in the past, but it was a reference to 2019, did not come from Ming-chi Kuo, and it was only a rumors. It is true, today we have published a render in this regard. But you know, a render is a render, an exercise of style of any designer, nothing more, much less the confirmation of a non-news.

You're probably wondering why you make an article list of news that had already given.

The answer is two-fold: the first is that we're a bit tired of the general release (unfortunately, we are fall for it, even in many “industry”) that makes up the news about the hi-tech without reading them, without to gather information on the sources and without consideration. We know how these can turn into true and authentic buffaloes in the network, a bad information that we are trying to fight.

The second is that we want our users to be informed and we hope that they themselves can spread the news, curiosity and knowledge in the best way and the most informed as possible, and even more there but that someone of you could think our attempt to publish, in part, the truth or news.

We fought a lot of misinformation about the latest events taking place in the hi-tech world, especially lately, with the critics, and pique and will continue to do so.

The next hoax...


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