IPhone X will not reveal to anyone the notifications in your lock screen


Published on Oct 12, 2017


Thanks to the advanced technology, the Face ID, the new iPhone X will not allow anyone to see your notifications in the lockscreen. A great way to increase your privacy and protect the contents of your smartphone.

Apple unveiled the iPhone X with some interesting news. Among these are, undoubtedly, the Face ID, the new release system, which replaces the current Touch ID. Thanks to various sensors, the smartphone is able to recognize our face, and decide to unlock, enable Apple Pay or purchases in the App Store. The Face ID will also allow you to hide the notification from the lock screen, if we are not to look at your smartphone.

As you can see from the image above, the smartphone will report that there are notifications on the iPhone, but will not reveal the content of the latter. However, when we look at the smartphone, the Face ID will recognize our face, showing us the full notifications.

This interesting feature will be enabled in the Settings of your device, by following these simple steps on the iPhone X:

In this way, just the Face ID recognize our face, we will display notifications, as well as allowing you to unlock your smartphone with one swipe upwards.

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