IPhone X exceeds the new Galaxy Note 9 in the first benchmark test!


Published on Aug 10, 2018


Yesterday Samsung presented the new Galaxy Note 9, the phablet top of the range display, 6.4". The device can rely on the excellent Snapdragon processor 845 Qualcomm and 6/8GB of RAM, but the first benchmarks reveal that, in terms of performance, is surpassed by the iPhone X.

As reported by Tom's Guide, that has had the opportunity to try the Galaxy Note 9 in the version with 6GB of RAM, the iPhone X has been able to overcome the new smartphone of Samsung in most of the benchmark test. In the Geekbench tests 4, iPhone X outperformed all other devices with a score of 10,357. The Galaxy Note 9, “only” 8,876.

Geekbench 4 measure the overall performance, and the Notes 9 guarantees an excellent performance in the benchmark test multi-core. The Notes 9 got a score of 8,876, which is far superior to the score of Notes 8. Exceeds the Pixels 2 XL Google, which, however, uses a Snapdragon 835, just like the Notes 8.

In the test of the Slingshot Extreme, which is one of the most reliable of 3DMark, the Galaxy Note 9 is again exceeded. This time to have the better of OnePlus 6, with a score of 5,124, and in the second place, we find instead iPhone X with 4,994. The rating of the Notes 9 of 4,639.

The Galaxy Note 9 has a score of 4,639, and slightly exceeded the Galaxy S9+ (4,634). However, OnePlus 6 with 8GB of RAM, has far exceeded the Galaxy Note 9 with a score of 5,124, and also the iPhone X has done better, with 4,994).

The Galaxy Note 9 went better in the test related to the display. The AMOLED panel of the device has recorded an excellent 224% of the colour gamut as sRGB, so much better than the iPhone X (128.6%). In addition, the Galaxy Note 9 issued in the test 604-nit brightness, surpassing the iPhone X (574 nits).

The results of the benchmark in question do not describe the Galaxy Notes 9 such as a smartphone of dubious quality, quite the contrary. The new phablet of Samsung will definitely give a hard time to the competition, relying on features that other manufacturers have not yet implemented in an appropriate way (such as the support for the S Pen). However, it is interesting to note that the iPhone X (introduced in 2017) obtains better results than a smartphone of mid-2018.

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