IPhone indestructible? New patent filed!


Published on Sep 17, 2018


Who would not want an iPhone indestructible, able to resist to scratches, not bend and they don't bruise? A new patent Apple describes it exactly, a prototype of the genre.

The new iPhone, presented last week, are stronger than previous models, at least according to what was stated by Apple. This resistance results in certification IP68, and in the use of a glass much more durable. All this clearly does not make, however, an iPhone is unbreakable or resistant to any condition.

Thinking about it, there is a patent Apple filed for last year, but appeared only now, that describes an iPhone is unbreakable and capable of withstanding scratches and bumps.

In a few words, the patent speaks of a new level of ultra-durable (carbon or ceramic) to be integrated in the smartphone in order to strengthen it and make it resistant to dents and scratches, other than that it's practically impossible to fold in the standard conditions of use.

Lack of technical details but the concept is clear. Now you have to understand when and if ever these features will come on a future iPhone or if there will only be assumptions, and patents.

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