IPhone and MacBook more and more “united” in the new patent Apple


Published on Sep 11, 2018


Apple continues to study possible solutions for the integration at the hardware level the iPhone and iPad, with a sort of shell in the style of the MacBook, including a system recently patented that allows you to take advantage of the laptop as the display of the smartphone.

The patent “Electronic accessory device” is the possibility of insert a in the appropriate slot of the future MacBook, expected where currently there is the trackpad. Obviously you would be real “shells” that can accommodate the iPhone and iPad for this to work.

The display on the MacBook, in fact, could be used to display the interface of the iOS device you just connected. In some types of use, the iPhone may also function as a trackpad advanced for the management of macOS. Such shell in the style of the MacBook, in fact, integrate all the necessary hardware to operate as a notebook computer, including the GPU to handle the work advanced.

The iPad version provides for the inclusion of the tablet there where you can usually find the display.

In this case, the user may take advantage of the keyboard and the trackpad to handle the iOS on the iPad or, vice versa, use the iPad as the screen of the macOS to your needs.

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