IPhone and iPad 2018 ready to launch, gets the certification from the EEC


Published on Jul 14, 2018


After they recorded last April under iOS 11, Apple receives certification from the commission Eurasian economic of 11 devices with support for iOS 12.

Only a few weeks at the official presentation during which we will see the 3 new models of the iPhone that will accompany our 2018. The devices in question have been approved by the EEC, in the day of today.

When they were administered for the first time last April, it made us think of an imminent release of the iPhone SE2, the model that we know today will be replaced by a low cost version of the iPhone X, with LCD display, which is the news most awaited by the users. According to rumors, The new models registered under the codes A19XX, A209X and A210X refer respectively to the three groups identified by the 2 models (OLED and LCD, which are divided, in their turn, to cut memory and color for a total of 11 different versions.

Being the approved devices in odd number, we can hypothesize the presence of 2 colours and 2 different memory for both models, OLED display and 3 color combinations for a single cut of memory on the LCD model, or based on the rumors, most recent, 3 colors for the OLED display and 5 for the LCD display screen.

In the report, in addition to the new iPhone, there are also the other 2 codes (A1895 and A1980) referring to the iPad, to be added to the other 5 (A1876, A1934, A1979, A2013 and A2014) as seen on the occasion of the recording of the new macs released yesterday, for a total of 7 different variants.


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