IPhone 8: the two parts of the motherboard overlapped? here are the photos!


Published on Aug 27, 2017


After seeing the likely logic board of the iPhone 7S, rumors, photos show us details on the iPhone 8, very different and particular!

As could be expected, the generation's of the iPhone 7 will be very similar to the current one on the market: both outside but also inside.

Among other things, the rumors have taken on a certain importance when it is compared to the housing of the SoC A11 on the motherboard, with the chip-fledged, discovering that the points of contact with the latter coincide perfectly.

Today instead of a photo it would show the motherboard (part of it), which, together with the preceding emerged, will give life to the iPhone 8.

Therefore, the motherboard of the iPhone 8 will not only be smaller in relation with the iPhone 7S, but will also be in comparison with other smartphones on the market.

As we see, the size are much smaller. In a drawing below, which simulates the aspect ratio – which we already reported months ago – the motherboard in question with both its two overlapping parts, will occupy less than 20% of the internal space available: truly remarkable, especially in the presence of a terminal which must be thin!

Attention, let me explain better: the layer A and B we have already on motherboards today, the printed circuit board is used currently either to one side or the other. Here we mean the two parts of the motherboard, one above the other, and then have 4 layers available.

If one goes back to the bill, in fact, the MLB1 would cover in one layer of the chip dedicated to connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc), and other components, in the other case, instead, the SIM card slot in the nano format.

The MLB2 ospiterebbe instead of the dedicated chip to the memory storage, and management components Touch, and on the other hand, the SoC A11 and various other necessary components.

For the rest, the drawing shows the other components/sensors that will be inside the body of the terminal and the main ones are:

I know that the sight of you is fallen on the second battery! We still don't know if that space will be inserted: but, if the size of the motherboard were so small and so positioned, that actually would be a space large enough.

That said, giving credit to these projects are not official, Apple have done a great job of optimizing space and in so doing be an example to other brands that you can take inspiration from this idea!

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