IPhone 7 Jet Black scratches? Our test! – VIDEO


Published on Oct 13, 2016


iPhone 7 in the version of the Jet Black is sure to be a masterpiece, both aesthetically and... fragility. Not surprisingly, the same Apple, on the Apple Online Store, underlines the fragility of this model, because of machining very special aluminum, it can easily show scratches on the back. With the boys of PhoneRepair.en we decided to try the new iPhone 7 Jet Black in our scratch test. As you will be involved?

As you have seen from the video, the iPhone 7 Jet Black it is certainly more fragile compared to the other iPhone, but personally I was expecting even worse.

The scratches are formed, and also with relative ease, but from a distance the “standard” you notice very little. Are highlighted the most when you look in the light.

Absolutely inconceivable, however, the appearance of a scratch is really deep on the screen. The screen that confirms all the impressions of excessive fragility that we had already seen with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

According to me the possible paths are two: or you buy the iPhone 7 Jet Black and there infischiate, literally, of the scratches, otherwise it is better to tack it on the model, matt black or other color. Cover for this beautiful smartphone with a cover (even a transparent one) and make it virtually identical to any other phone, it does not make much sense in my opinion.

Personally I would have also purchased the Jet Black, but also thinking in terms of resale, perhaps it would be better to opt for the Black model. If, instead, you are going to keep with you this smartphone for several years, then purchased also the Jet Black and enjoy it. You will scratch, this is unavoidable, but will always be beautiful.

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