IPhone 5G with Touch ID below the display? Some rumors confirm this


Published on Apr 27, 2020


iPhone 5G with Touch ID below the display? Some rumors confirm this

A new report by the Daily Economic, has revived the rumors that the iPhone 5G this year will showcase the technology of the fingerprint scanner below the display.

According to the chinese website, the manufacturer of touch panel GIS, the manufacturer of the OLED BOE and Qualcomm, are working together to the ultrasonic technology, which may be present in at least one of the high-end models of iPhone 12 Pro 5G.

Last year, the EDN, has been the source of rumors that at least one of the iPhone 2020 would have had a fingerprint scanner ultrasound under the display. These reports claimed that Apple would use the technology of fingerprint sensors ultrasonic Qualcomm in at least one model this year, but apparently plans only slipped a year.

There are currently two types of fingerprint sensors under the display, one optical, and ultrasonic. The variants in the optical is based on light from the display of a smartphone to create a 2D image of a fingerprint, while variations of ultrasonic use of high frequency sound to generate a 3D image of a fingerprint.

Qualcomm already provides fingerprint sensors to ultrasound for some Samsung smartphones, but the future iPhone could potentially use an even more advanced technology that works on the entire display.

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