IPhone, 2018, the purchase intentions bode well Apple


Published on Aug 30, 2018


A survey conducted by Loup Ventures seems to confirm, as predicted by some analysts on the record sales of the iPhone 2018, since many more users are willing to upgrade their Apple smartphone by the end of the year.

Loup Ventures interviewed 530 u.s. consumers iPhone owners to understand their purchase intentions. 48% said they wanted to buy a new iPhone in the coming months, with a much higher percentage than that recorded last year. In 2017, in fact, only 25 people out of 100 said that they want to upgrade their iPhone in the following months.

Loup Ventures warns, however, that 48% is “one abnormal value” and that the intention to buy a device with respect to the actual purchase can vary a lot. In any case, there emerges at least a will greater than buy the new iphones compared to a year ago.

Among Android users, however, 19% said that they wanted to switch to an iPhone in the next few months, against 12% a year ago.

Note that, from the same survey, there is also an increasing interest of users to the augmented reality technology on which Apple is investing a lot of.

And you, what are your intentions?

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