IPhone 12 may support a new WiFi standard


Published on Feb 24, 2020


iPhone 12 may support a new WiFi standard

According to sources, Macotakara, the line iPhone 12 may support a new specification for WiFi, 802.11 ay, which is currently in development and should be finalized at the end of the year. The 802.11 standard ay using a spectrum of 60 GHz (separated from the band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz used in the router WiFi standard home) to provide a data transfer from device to device bandwidth.

Macotakara describes support 802.11 ay as “ultra-short range“. This may be similar to Bluetooth, but with data transfer speed much higher. In addition to the communication from iPhone to iPhone, an iphone compatible with 802.11 ay could interact with other intelligent accessories that support the 802.11 standard ay.

While Ming-Chi Kuo expects a range of products, OLED for the iPhone 12 this fall, Macotakara says that there may also be a LCD model, perhaps called the iPhone 11. This would make sense, given the popularity of the sales of the iPhone 11.

Perhaps rather than simply lowering the price, Apple will replace the iPhone 11 model with a high specification which would give the opportunity for Apple to sell the model for a long time.

The japanese site also reports that the AirTag Apple competitors of the Tile, will be released in the fall. The report states that the tag can be recharged wirelessly, using a charger inductive is similar to the charger magnetic for Apple Watch. It is not clear if it will use the same charger of the watches, or the technology using the Qi standard.

Last week, Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that the production of chip high-speed broadband should increase in the third quarter, stating that the AirTag will be released in September. The tag Apple will use UWB to allow an augmented reality experience on the iPhone with the chip U1 in the vicinity, such as the iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro) to find out exactly where to find the tag.




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