IPhone 12 6.1-inch display: Revealed new details on the size and design


Published on May 07, 2020


iPhone 12 6.1-inch display: Revealed new details on the size and design

The iPhone 12 low-end is expected in the autumn. Pigtou has collaborated with David xleaks7 to offer some new render of the device's 6.1-inch.

The new photos show us the positioning of the camera, and some details on the size, design and other device.

The render confirms that the iPhone low-end will have a display of 6.1 inches. The renderings show the notch in the front, similar to that which we find on the iPhone X, XS, and 11. The size of the iPhone by 6.1 inches are 146,7 mm in height, 71.5 mm in width and 7.2 mm in thickness. The bump of the rear camera will bring the thickness to the well-8,95 mm.

The camera module is slightly rectangular and measures 34,6 x 32.6 mm, making it larger than the iPhone 11 Pro which is very similar in size.

We can also notice a configuration of three lens for the camera on the back with a flash module and more great.

There is also a grill asymmetric for the speakers and the microphone, with three holes on the left and five holes to the right. The SIM tray is located on the left side of the phone, and a smart connector such as that of the edition 2020 of the iPad Pro on the opposite side.

The new iPhone 12 6.1-inch display should be released in September with a price of 749 $ as leaked by Jon Prosser. Apple should also release an iPhone 12 by 6.1-inch high-end scanner, or LiDAR.




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