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Published on May 02, 2018


Anyone who follows the world of the collective and of the productions of Italian will find family with the name Francesco Guarnaccia: in fact, in addition to having already published a comic with a major publisher (From Here to Eternity of Shockdom), is particularly linked to the cultural association Mammaiuto. This year, however, the young cartoonist pisano takes a further leap in quality: in fact, it is the publishing house Bao Publishing his latest graphic novel, Iperurania. A graphic novel that Guarnaccia has decided even to dedicate the to himself.

Iperurania is set in the distant future, in an era in which the colonization of the planets is not only possible but is even widespread practice. In this climate of expansion of the human race, however, there is a planet practically unapproachable: Iperurania, a globe of moderate dimensions which we know very little, a part that is uninhabited (with the exception of a type of flora “sprawling”).

Iperurania is one of the planets impossible to colonize. Because of its gravitational field, and those who enter cannot leave; moreover it is equipped of a magnetic field insulator which makes it impossible to use the technology within its borders. To find the chance to explore Urania, humans have built a space station that orbits the planet, but with the time this lens is resized, transforming itself from a scientific mission to... hobby.

Those who come close to Urania in order to study the surface are the fotonauti, also called Shooting Stars, the purpose of which is to take photographs in the most spectacular possible of Iperurania. Bun, the protagonist of the graphic novel, is a guy who dreams just to become a fotonauta professional, although for now, the luck was not on his side. But things are set to change when Bun discovers... to be able to teleport on Iperurania!

Despite the science fiction setting, the characters and the world of Iperurania are constructed in such a way as to have many points in common with our present: the Shooting Stars are a kind of influencer that are admired for their photos, while the society remains hypnotized by the one that is very similar to the screen of a television. The same Bun test, the same disturbances that even a guy in his twenties today he finds himself to try: the fear of being a disappointment and not be able to combine anything in life, the concern of not having any particular talent and the fear of not deserving their successes.

But not only: Iperurania poses to the protagonist and to the reader, a question which is difficult to answer, a question that will not be spoilerata in this review to enable those who read it to enjoy this comic. And, own existential dilemmas aside, Iperurania entertains the reader with a good dose of humor and a style sliding which makes these 193 pages a quick read, but still immersive.

The designs of Guarnaccia and are characterized by the colors of the Eighties and, above all, by a subtle geometrical lines and a graphic that make them immediately traceable to its author: a feature not just.

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