Iperurania: A story sci-fi light-hearted and deep – Review

Published on May 02, 2018

From a few days dispinibile in the library and in the official presentation at the Comicon of Naples, coming from Bao Publishing Iperurania, the new graphic novel by Francesco Guarnaccia.

A space colony, built to study a planet that, with time, proved to be inhospitable and impossible to classify.

The inhabitants of the colony, then, begin to take photographs, and do photography contests where the only rule, for reasons as much of competition as of yet is that you can not touch the surface of the planet.

But if you get nearer and take the most beautiful pictures, became famous and celebrated by the small community.

Bun is an amateur photographer with big ambitions but little motivation.

One day, without knowing how, is with the foot on the surface of the planet. And this is the beginning of his greatest adventure, even if you can't talk about it with anyone.

Francesco Guarnaccia is an author of which has recently been heard a lot in the world of comic Italian.

Coming from the collective Mammaiuto, which is still an active part, Francis arrived at Bao Publishing with a considerable amount of awards and accolades due to his young age, make him one of the potential promises of Italian comics.

These premises are, of course, raised many expectations on the output of Iperurania, with its nearly 200 colour plates, perhaps the most complex and challenging up to now written by the young author pisano.

In many ways the author has managed to meet these expectations, providing us with Iperurania a story at the same time light-hearted and profound, that exposes in an entertaining way the delicate links of a amiciza put to hard test by the obsessions and frustrations of the protagonist Bun.

The history of Iperurania, in fact, throws us far into the future fantascientico, aboard a space station orbiting an inhospitable planet, but the narrated events and the feelings described are decidedly contemporary.

Bun is a passionate photographer who, despite rough times fails to break through and he is forced to continue to live at the house of his.

He shares his frustration with his friends, the faithful and pragmatic Chet and the beautiful, the Marsi, the promising university student to which Bun you feel connected to something more than a simple friendship, without, however, never have the courage to admit it to her or just to himself.

Bun finds himself so to live a life suspended, paralyzed by its thousands of fears and disappointments, unable to find that courage to take any decision, preferring to remain at the mercy of events they would not disturb his apparent unstable equilibrium. The balance that must be shattered when Bun, he or she will have a superpower that unexpected and overwhelming it will lead to success.

Only then Bun will be forced to act, not without weird unexpected, to save his friends.

Guarnaccia gives the history of Iperurania an extreme naturalness and simplicity of the narrative, condendola both irony that a development that is accurate for the complex and convoluted state of mind of the Bun, so as to feed the suspicion that there is more than a bit autobiographical in the misadventures of this young artist undecided overwhelmed by the success.

Naturalness and simplicity that sometimes end up to give, however, an excessive character caricature to the characters crushed in their role, as is the case in particular for the “nerd” Bun.

The result is still definitely a story fun enriched by an original ambience that relives so much in the dialogues of the protagonists, which almost flood the pages of Iperurania, as in the designs and the colors with which the author gives life to his sci-fi world.

The personal trait of the author, more than to describe with realism the world of Iperurania, seems to want to make partakers of this size suspended in which he lives the protagonist, is always hovering between dream and reality, in a flow of events out of his control.

With Iperurania, therefore, Francesco Guarnaccia has certainly frustrated a lot of expectations, giving life to a nice story that makes you smile and think of hiding something more than what could seem at a first reading.

Are waiting with interest the new works of this young artist.

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