IPad 9.7" your iPad Pro from 10.5": video comparison [Video]


Published on Apr 09, 2018


Apple has recently put on the market the revamped version of the iPad 9.7”. While maintaining a competitive price of 359€, even lower than last year's model which cost 409€, this new iPad is the first economic zone that has specific support for the Apple Pencil and the fast processor A10 Fusion. In the following video AppleInsider offers a comparison of the new iPad 9.7” with his older brother, iPad Pro from the 10.5”.

The support of the Apple Pencil is not to be underestimated because it represents a huge advantage for all those users who wish to write or draw on their tablet but are not willing to spend 739€ – so is the cost of the version 64GB iPad Pro from the 10.5”.

It is good to emphasize, however, the differences that there are in the use of the Apple Pencil on the iPad 9.7" and the iPad Pro from the 10.5". The latter, in fact, has ProMotion, a technology that performs a refresh the screen 120 times per second instead of the normal 60Hz used on all the other Apple devices. This means that iPad Pro is much more fluid when interacting with pencil and Apple. It follows that the strokes drawn on the iPad from 9.7" take much longer to appear on the screen while reaction times of the Apple Pencil used on the iPad Pro from the 10.5" are almost non-existent because the signs are marked on the screen in a way that is almost instant.

Another big difference is constituted by the display that the iPad Pro is fully laminated, making it look like the LCD panel is one with the glass front. This feature helps to improve the contrast, making it more vivid colors. iPad 9.7”, which we recall to be the economic version of the famous tablet, having a display of the latest generation, it is more gray, and does not give you the deepest blacks, to which, however, the iPad Pro has accustomed us.

Then looking at the best case, the iPad screen 9.7", it is possible to note the larger space between the display and the glass. When you use the Apple Pencil, the gap becomes much more noticeable because the eye focuses on the tip of the pencil and digital. This may cause accuracy problems when you are working to a detailed graphics without to even look directly at the screen of the iPad. On the iPad Pro, however, the gap between the tip of the Apple, Pencil and the drawn stroke on the display is virtually non-existent: you can write on a sheet of paper is true. It is clear, then, that the winning couple is the one made by Apple, Pencil and the iPad Pro, but it is worth spending a 739€?

The screen of the iPad Pro, which, thanks to the support of P3 in a wide range of colors gives you the fantastic colors, it is also more light, thus ensuring that the user has a better experience when you are outside. In addition, the iPad Pro has a reflective coating that allows you to watch the display even in dark conditions. But that is not all. iPad Pro also boasts True Tone between the specifications: it is a technology that automatically adjusts the white balance of the display, adjusting to the ambient light.

As said before, the new iPad 9.7" is equipped with a processor Apple's A10 Fusion, and the hardware is a four-core comes directly from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, while the iPad Pro to 10.5" mounts the chip A10X, the first processor six-core Apple.

If the test of the single core score for the iPad Pro has only got a 13% more compared with the younger brother, is in the test of the multi-core processor that the iPad Pro is better than the 57%. This means that with the iPad Pro, Apple has doubled the score chart introduced by iPad 9.7”: numbers that result in huge performance improvements in the processes of rendering and multi-core.

In the use of the browser, instead, the two devices do not differ much. The only real difference are the extra cores of the iPad Pro when browsing the internet, opening multiple tabs and switching from one tab to another: the fluidity of the Pro in this case has nothing to do with that a little more cumbersome than the iPad 9.7".

Since the iPad Pro has achieved excellent results in the test chart, AppleInsider decided to try the new game Fortnite for an hour on both devices, the object of the comparison. The graphic quality of the iPad Pro from the 10.5" has been higher and the game is loaded faster than the iPad 9.7". The gameplay is much more fluid, and there has been no drop off in frame. The colors appeared more intense on the Pro, and the size of the screen made the gaming experience even more immersive.

In contrast, it was a lot more convenient to play on the iPad 9.7” thanks to the more compact dimensions of the device. In spite of this, the screen of the smaller device is the result sometimes a bit too reflective, so as to cause some distraction in the player.

With regard to the independence, after an hour of game Fortnite the battery of the iPad Pro is reduced to 80%. On the iPad 9.7”, the battery has stopped at 87%. This shows that the device with the most powerful hardware uses more battery when the processor is required to support the running of intensive applications, in this case a game, the more heavy.

Both devices weigh a pound, but the iPad 9.7” is, in fact, less subtle Pro 10.5”. The Pro has 4 speakers, two more than those found on the iPad 9.7”. The sound is so much better on the Pro. In spite of the two speakers of your iPad from 9.7" to be stereo, when using the device in landscape mode, the audio quality is affected because the sounds are not distributed in a homogeneous way.


Both devices have a physical button Home with the Touch ID, also if the Pro is to mount the hardware of the second generation. It is precisely for this reason that, by using the Touch ID, the iPad Pro is unlocked much more quickly. On the iPad 9.7" the release of the device is much more difficult because the finger must be kept on the sensor more precisely. The Pro is also equipped with a Smart Connector, the output which can charge the device and transfer data at a series of accessories for Apple and Logitech.

Other major differences lie in the cameras. The Pro, the camera is more prominent, has a sensor of 12 MP that can record video in 4K; iPad 9.7”, which is not equipped with flash, it has just 8 MP and can record video clips up to 1080P. Consequently, the photos and the video of the Pro are significantly higher than the media files are obtained by using the brother statement. The same situation regarding the camera of FaceTime: the iPad Pro has a sensor 7 MP and records 1080P videos; the iPad 9.7" sensor has a 1.2 MP and records videos at 720P.

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