“iOS or Android? Mac or iPad? The ideas of two switchers” – iPhoneItalia Podcast #111


Published on Jul 03, 2016


In a world full of technology offers there are those who just can not have peace. In this episode, with a special guest, we talk about the fact of change and our approaches to these same.

We begin once again by thanking you for the fact that, through comments and feedback issued through social media, you are following with enthusiasm and many of our Podcast is available to listen not only through the usual channels for Podcasts, but also through YouTube.

In this episode of our podcast, in the absence of the good John, have invited him to speak to our microphones a big fan of the Apple world. Jacopo is by using a month the iPad Pro instead of the MacBook and we are very curious to know his impressions. There is also the air of change: Claudio, the undersigned, is to get your hands on one of the best Android devices of this in 2016 and in this installment will tell you what you can expect from this change. Do not miss also the reference to Apple's Music which has just turned a year!

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