IOS 14 reveals ALL: Here are new details on the iPhone 9, iPad Pro, Apple TV, AirTag and more!


Published on Mar 10, 2020


iOS 14 reveals ALL: Here are new details on the iPhone 9, iPad Pro, Apple TV, AirTag and more!

The code of iOS 14 confirms many of the details on what to expect from the next updates to Apple's hardware, including the new iPad Pro, iPhone 9 and AirTag. Apple is also developing a new remote control for the Apple TV.

According to the code of the iOS 14, the next update of the iPad Pro will include a new system of cameras to the triple aim, as suggested by the previous report on the supply chain. This configuration of the camera will include a 3D sensor, time-of-flight, a wide-angle lens, an ultra wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. The sensor of the time-of-flight probably will be devoted to new features of augmented reality.

The code iOS 14 also includes details on the next iPhone 9, confirming previous reports on the supply chain. The iPhone 9 will support the Touch ID, and the features Express Transit. Apple is hoping to push users of the iPhone 6 – that have no support for Express Transit – to switch to the iPhone 9.

The new iPhone 9 or iPhone IF 2 should be released this spring, probably alongside the release of iOS 13.4 (barring any delays due to the coronavirus.) The device will obviously be supported by iOS 14.

The code iOS 14 seen also includes new details about the changes to the Apple TV. The previous versions of the code of tvOS 13 have revealed that Apple is working on a new Apple TV box, but iOS 14 also includes the news that there will also be a new remote with Apple TV.

More specific information here are not clear, but the remote Siri has been a controversial point for many users of the Apple TV. It is also relatively expensive, which does not help the Apple TV to compete with the other box streaming low cost.

Apple is also developing a new application of the training for the Apple TV. This application will allow users to download the exercises and workouts and be trained through the Apple TV. All data will be synchronized with the Apple Watch, while the integration of the Apple Music will allow users to listen to their music during workouts.

Finally, the code iOS 14 offers new details on AirTag. The code iOS 14 indicates that the AirTag can be configured in bulk using iOS and that there will be a user-replaceable battery, just like the tracker items Tile.

Users of the new iPhone models Apple will also be able to keep track of the AirTag through augmented reality. The AirTag will also be able to play a sound to help users find them.

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