IOS 13, you can delete the app directly from the list of updates


Published on Jun 11, 2019


iOS 13, you can delete the app directly from the list of updates

In iOS 13, and iPadOS, Apple has added a new way to delete the app from the device directly from the App Store.

When we update or display the apps that have been updated recently, we can scroll to the left on any application in the list to display the option “Delete“.

By clicking at this point to Delete the interface appears to delete the app standard, where you can confirm the deletion of the app, or cancel the operation.

The option to delete the app directly from the App Store is a convenient way to get rid of unwanted apps without having to exit the App Store.

iPadOS let's you delete apps from the update list, before or after an update is completed. This has been on the wishlist for years.

— Brian Stucki (@brianstucki) June 6, 2019

Apple has shifted the interface of the app update in iOS 13 to create a new card for the Apple Arcade. The new card replaces the previous Updates tab to provide easy access to the next service game.

We now have access to the updates of the app by clicking on our profile picture in the top of the App Store and scroll down to the section pending Updates that it contains, besides, a list of recent updates.





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