IOS 13 will show you how the apps have used your location in the background


Published on Jun 11, 2019


iOS 13 will show you how the apps have used your location in the background

Apple maintains its position on privacy by introducing a new feature on iOS 13. The update includes several new privacy features, including a more detailed view of how the apps have used our position in the background.

iOS 13 presents popup notifications when an app uses the background location. The notification also shows a map of the location data of a specific app. The screenshots show the data on the position detected by the app Tesla and the Apple app Store.

In addition to showing the map, the notification also presents the reasoning of the app that requests access to the location in the background. This is the explanation of Tesla:

Tesla uses your location to show your proximity to your vehicle (while the app is open) and to optimize the key telephone on the support vehicles (while the app is in the background).

And the explanation for the Apple Store app:

We will provide you with the products, features and services that are relevant depending on where you are.

Apple says that we will receive periodic pop-up in iOS 13, giving us the opportunity to continue to provide a particular app access in the background to our position, or change it to “only while you're using the app“. iOS 13 also includes a new option to allow applications to access location “only once“, rather than having to provide constant access when you use an app or access a continuous background.

The option to “Allow once” is considered a temporary authorization, with the application that requires again the next time it is opened.

Ideally, the new notifications pop-up reminders that show the map, will make users more aware of how often the apps are monitoring in the background. In some cases, always allow access to the location it makes more sense, for example, for Tesla, but the explanations of the developers will need to convince users of this.

Apple also states that tvOS does not support the option “Always“, while it is not even necessary to watchOS. macOS does not have the options “Always” or “While using the app”, because the prompt of the user is automatic.

Also iOS 13 reduces developers who use the details of the Bluetooth network and the WiFi to estimate the location of a user. On the stage of WWDC on Monday, Craig Federighi says that iOS 13 is “closing the door to that abuse.“





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