IOS 13 will not be compatible with all the iPhone. Here is the list of devices upgradeable | Rumor


Published on May 10, 2019


iOS 13 will not be compatible with all the iPhone. Here is the list of devices upgradeable | Rumor

With iOS 12 Apple has done an excellent job of tuning that allowed the operating system to be installed without problems even on older devices. In some cases, the performance of iOS 12 were even higher than those of iOS 11.

With the imminent arrival of iOS 13, will be a something different. According to what reported by, iOS 13, will cut out several generations of the iPhone.

With iOS 12, Apple had decided to support exactly the same devices that are compatible with iOS 11, but the next software update probably will not be compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone IF.

If the rumor were true, the iPhone 5s would have enjoyed a year of additional support compared to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The most unlucky would be users with the iPhone IF that would have had only 3 years of updates.

iOS 13, probably, will support only the iPhone 6s and above, and although the iPhone IF it shares the same hardware as the 6s, it is fair to remember that the special edition has a screen much smaller. With the new Apple operating system redraws the graphical interface and probably the company has decided to focus only on the largest screens, removing the support 4". Could be the end also of the iPod Touch, as the company currently sells only one model of iPod, with a 4-inch screen.

Regarding the iPad, iOS 13 can not be installed on the iPad Mini 2 and first iPad Air of 2013.

Remember that at the moment it is only rumors. We will discover the truth on June 3, following the WWDC 2019 live on iSpazio.




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