IOS 13 will allow users to transfer data between two iPhone


Published on Jul 03, 2019


iOS 13 will allow users to transfer data between two iPhone

The changes found in the latest beta version of iOS 13, released yesterday to developers, suggest that users may be able to transfer data between two devices via a wired connection direct during the setup of a new device or restore one from a backup.

At present, iOS users have two recovery options in any of the configuration process of the device. One requires them to download and install a backup stored on a computer via iTunes, the other involves the use of iCloud and the wireless transfer of data from an old device in the vicinity to a new one registered with the same Apple ID.

However, the new resources in the iOS beta 13, identified by Guilherme Rambo to 9to5Mac include an icon that looks similar to an iPhone with Face ID connected to an iPhone with Touch ID via the cable, which indicates that you will have an option to transfer to wired direct during the setup of the devices .

Also, a snippet of related code discovered in the beta version includes the request of the user, “Keep the iPhone connected to this iPhone connected to a power source until the completion of the transfer“, which refers perhaps to the use of a wireless charging mat during the direct transfer process.

It is not clear how any direct cable connection work between two iPhone, since Apple does not sell a Lightning cable to the Lightning connector that would allow such a physical connection. Perhaps Apple intends to make available such cable when iOS 13 will be launched to the public in the fall.

Another possibility is that the devices of the new line of Apple iPhone, expected in September, will replace the port Lightning iPhone with a USB port-C. Apple already offers cables Lightning-to-USB-C for the connection of iPhone to the new Mac.





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