IOS 13 introduces the intelligent optimization of the battery


Published on Jun 05, 2019


iOS 13 introduces the intelligent optimization of the battery

With iOS 13 Apple has introduced a new option to optimize in a smart way the charging of the battery. As we know, the batteries lithium are subject to deterioration, and then with the passing of time, their maximum capacity tends to decrease.

iOS 13 introduces a system of charging new that allows you to preserve battery capacity for much longer. In fact, it was observed that the lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to electrical currents during the charging, a situation that is extreme, when the cell approaches the full charge. For this reason, iOS 13, will study our habits and our times the “standard” charging. On the basis of what they learn, will allow us to quickly load up to 80% of the battery, before slowing down and offer and proceed with a charging slower for the remaining part.

For example, if we are used to recharge the iPhone while we sleep during the night, keeping it current for about 8 hours, in the first hour / hour and a half charging will be fast, and the battery will come quickly to 80% then, to add that extra 20%, you will be taken a lot more time, paradoxically, will be used for the remaining 6 and a half hours!

With this arrangement, the battery will remain charged at 100% for very less time and thus the cells will be less unstable and therefore subject to deterioration is slower. Of course, in order for the function to be useful and effective, there is need for the iPhone, learn our habits, that is for you to learn about our standard times of charging, so as not to wake up in the morning with a battery that is not fully charged, and ready to face the day.

It's really sophisticated and well thought-out, but who does not accept this function and would like to recharge their battery without taking too much of the aging and the slowing down of the device, then it can simply enter Settings > Battery > Battery Status and turn off the toggle next to “optimized Loading of the battery“.

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