IOS 13: how to download any app under the cellular network


Published on Jun 11, 2019


iOS 13: how to download any app under the cellular network

Another feature coming with iOS 13 users are excited about is the ability to download apps larger than 200 MB when it is connected to the cellular network.

There are some options that allow us to completely disable the alerts related to download size of the app.

With iOS 12, Apple has a set limit to the maximum size to 200 MB for the download of the app when it is connected to the cellular network. This was a slight increase from the previous limit of 150 MB, and, even if the restriction prevented users from downloading the app is too large and therefore have a negative impact on its traffic data, there was no opportunity to override the limit.

iOS 13 now offers you the ability to download apps over 200 MB on mobile and completely disable the warning.

iOS 13 is currently only available as a beta for developers, but Apple says that the public beta will arrive in July. Generally do not recommend installing the beta on your iPhone main as there are various bugs, instability, and problems such as the reduction of the lifetime of the battery.

As we can see below, the default setting in iOS 13 is to confirm the user to download an app more than 200MB with a free phone, but you can also disable the warning.

If we keep the default setting for the app download on mobile, here's how it looks the warning screen / replacement (which appears after you confirmed the installation:

We can also choose to get a notice for any size of the app before downloading it with a cellular network, clicking Ask first in the settings shown above.




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