IOS 13 beta 7 : All the novelties of this new version [Article continuously updated x39]


Published on Aug 18, 2019


iOS 13 beta 7 : All the novelties of this new version [Article continuously updated x39]

Apple has released the seventh beta of iOS 13 and, as always, in this article we're going to list all the changes compared to previous versions.

This article will be constantly updating so come back to visit it occasionally to read further news.

1. Improvement in speed of opening applications.

2. AppleCard can now also be configured on iOS 13 beta.

3. Improved the graphics of the screen of the first configuration, titles made larger, and improved graphics.

4. In the Control Center, now the voice on the Dark Mode is no longer “Looks dark” but “dark Mode”.

5. Started the support test for “Sign in with Apple”

6. On Control Center, now the timer can also be adjusted via the 3D Touch moving in as your finger to select the desired time.

7. Improved the speed of the 3D Touch when you press on a icon.

8. New icons in the 3D options, Touch on the Weather app. Notes and Phone.

9. In some cases, now the options of the 3D Touch appear above the widget is opened (if present).

10. Reversed the list of options on the menu of the 3D Touch, now the voice ' Reorganize the app is always in the top of the list.

11. Now the badge of the icon (if present) appears above the menu of the 3D Touch is not cut.

12. The transparency of the folder is returned the same as in the beta previous to the 6. Are not more contrasted on the basis of the background.

13. The tap with 3 fingers (which shows the options menu to copy or paste text) is now not enabled everywhere.

14. The screenshots now are no longer resized automatically when they are opened in the editor, and comply with the correct aspect ratio.

15. In the Photos app, the default view to “All photos” is a set of rows from the 3 photos.

16. The sharing menu is invoked more quickly.

17. On the app Home have been rehomed, the backgrounds of the previous version, in addition to the new.

18. On the app Home the on / off switch now have a new graphic.

19. The 3D Touch on the Weather app no longer allows to see the preview of a tab.

20. Also removed the splash screen of Commands, the voice of “Automation”, present in the first beta.

21. Improved support for 3D Touch in the AppStore and the related anomazioni.

22. The app Health now the information regarding the detection of abnormalities in the heartbeat are displayed in the home.

23. Introduced the haptic feedback when using the “pop” with a 3D Touch on the Messages app.

24. In the Messages app, to the inside of the screen where they are shown all of the attachments, if you open a video in 3D Touch is not cut, but is shown resized and complete.

25. Added the ability to delete the item directly from the 3D menu Touch the screen of the Message attachments.

26. On the app, Where is (ex-Find my iPhone) is back to work, the notification of the discovery of the device.

27. Changed the icons in the application Where it is.

28. In the section “I” of the app, Where is added a new option: Help a friend. This allows you to open from the browser to allow others to access and find your devices directly from your iPhone.

29. In the section “I” of the app Where you have changed the tab “Update location”, now the option choice is displayed immediately below the name of the tab.

30. On Safari in Private mode, the address bar/search now has a black background.

31. On Settings -> Background, by activating the option “mode with dark colors dim the intensity of the background” ( probably the name will be abbreviated in “mode with dark colors”), your iPhone will dim the light intensity of the background depending on the surrounding light, not the contrast.

32. On Settings -> Background, are now displayed again in the preview of the Dynamic wallpapers.

33. In the menu privacy -> Location: now the item “Privacy Notices” is changed to “Alert position”.

34. In the settings of many apps settings have been added to the localization.

35. In the menu “Options blocked sender” on Settings -> Mail you can now choose between two options: “Mark as blocked, it Leaves the Incoming” and “Move to trash”.

36. In the settings of the Phone has been extended to the description of the item “Number unknown”, now reads as follows:

37. On iTunes, in the display has been added the badge to “Apple Digital Master” when the songs have been mastered specifically for iTunes.

38. In the Music app in the search now you can hear the Local stations, we tried and at the moment, no Italian stations.

39. Changed the screen that appears on the app Watch, in the menu the App Store, which invites you to consult it directly on the Watch with watchOS6.




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