IOS 13 beta 5 : All the novelties of this new version [Article continuously updated x12]


Published on Jul 30, 2019


iOS 13 beta 5 : All the novelties of this new version [Article continuously updated x12]

Apple has just released the fifth beta of iOS 13 and, as always, in this article we're going to list all the changes compared to previous versions.

This article will be constantly updating so come back to visit it occasionally to read further news.

1. The writing of the 3G/4G/LTE has increased in size, to be equal to the symbols of the battery and of the phone signal.

2. On iPadOS now you can change the size of icons on the home screen. In order to obtain a grid of 4×5 or 6×5.

3. Available the new goals of the movement, are higher than 1000.

4. When you raise/lower the volume, in addition to the new graphics, now you feel a haptic feedback.

5. The pointer support for the mouse on the iOS, 13, and iPadOS 13 is now smaller as a basic size.

6. New backgrounds available in the application Home (Home).

7. Redesigned (again) the tab shares are now proposed sections divided according to applications.

8. Improvements on CarPlay

9. The icon Stickers now reflects the appearance of choice between the light or dark.

10. The animations and the system seems more fluid than the previous beta.

11. On the Commands you removed the tab “Automation”

12. On iPadOS 13 has been added the ability to reopen a window that has just closed. Will appear a button in the top left to “cancel the shutdown”.


We will update the article as we find more news.




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