IOS 13: ALL the latest News!


Published on Sep 10, 2019


iOS 13: ALL the latest News!

Apple unveiled iOS 13 during the WWDC 2019, revealing some interesting news for all iPhone owners. Subsequently, during the course of the summer, Apple has released several beta versions of the new operating system, bringing many new features and improvements. In this article we will collect all the news in iOS 13, building a complete overview before the official launch.

iOS 13 will probably be released in a few days away from the event of September 10. We remind you that the new operating system will be made available only for the following iPhone:

At WWDC 2019 was introduced for the first time the iPadOS 13, which will be released along with iOS 13, but dedicated exclusively to the iPad. In this article we will cover the new specifications for the iPad, as they are no longer part of iOS 13.

Also this year, Apple has thought about optimizing their mobile operating system, making it faster and more efficient. Applications on iOS 13 open two times faster, while their weight has been reduced by 50 percent. The updates were optimized equally, leading to a reduction of 60 percent of their weight. The speed of release of the Face ID has been further optimized, thus obtaining an increase of the speed of release of the 30 percent. All of this has been developed for the newer devices, but also for those older, still supported by Apple with this new iOS version.

After years of waiting, Apple has finally introduced the Dark Mode on iOS. Which can be directly activated from the Control Center, or from the system Settings, Dark Mode turns all the bright colors of iOS in the deep blacks. In this way, the smartphone consumes less power (especially the models OLED) and makes the use less tiring for the eyes, especially during the night.

Apple has also added background specially created for the Dark Mode, which changes depending on the mode selected.

In addition, Apple has released the API for the Dark Mode, so that they can also use it with the developers. If implemented in the applications, changing the mode in iOS, it will also change the look of the app, just as happens with the native applications.

In iOS 13 Apple has improved the native application Photos, introducing new functions for the management and collection of our photographs. In the Photos section you will find a new subdivision of the photographs for the year, month and day. The algorithm created by Apple will propose you the best photographs, recognizing similar shots and taking all the screenshots and other images not taken with the camera. Doing a scroll down, the application will automatically play the Live Photos and videos in the collection, making the library more dynamic.

The other sections of the application have remained almost the same. In the one called “For you” you will find collections of photographs, selected automatically by the algorithm, Apple for the place, subject and date taken. While the Album section remains identical to that seen on iOS 12.

On iOS 13 by opening an image or video from the collection can be edited with filters and tools, similar to those present within the application Instagram. In particular, we can change: exposure, brightness, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, vividness, warmth, hue, sharpness, definition, noise reduction and vignetting.

For video there are many tools present in the application iMovie, directly integrated in the app to the native Photo. In particular, we can change: exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, vividness, warmth, hue, sharpness, definition, noise reduction and vignetting, in addition to being able to turn and cut our clips.

This allows us to use an application for both management and for the modification of the photographs, without having to download third party apps for photo editing and videoediting.

Apple has renamed the app “Find my iPhone” feature, calling it a “Where-is”, including all the functions of “Find my Friends”. In a single application, we can then search for both of our devices that are lost, that our friends or relatives, who have chosen to share their location with us.

Thanks to a new localization system, Apple will use other iOS devices to send the position of the device is lost. For example, if we lose an iPhone, this will send its location to Apple's servers until it goes into hibernation for lack of energy. At that time the device activates a function so that it can communicate with other iOS devices. These will be sending to him its position to Apple's servers so you can find it more easily.

In iOS 13 will present the new “Sign in with Apple”. The operation is very similar to the one used by Google and Facebook to be able to access internet sites and applications, which require a user account. The system offered by Apple will take our personal data saved in our Apple ID and share the application that requires them. Of course, the protected data will remain hidden and we will decide what personal information to share or not.

Also, the “Sign in with Apple” we will register to the internet websites and applications through an e-mail address created specifically for the recording. Once you have the mail of registration confirmation, the email address will automatically be obscured. In this way we do not risk clogging our inbox with useless newsletters and notification emails from internet sites or applications.

Developers of iOS apps will be required to enter the registration via Apple ID, if you want to insert those of Google, Facebook or Twitter. This function integrates seamlessly with the password manager, which is already present on iOS 12.

Apple is improving year after year their service Maps. This year they added several new information and functions within the native application. In addition, as the main new has been added to the mode “Look Around”, very similar to Google's Street View.

iOS 13 offers a new view mode the intersection, designed to help drivers avoid carried out incorrect, and guiding them in the right lane before a turn or a road elevated, and the guide Siri has been improved with a natural language.

For example, Apple says that instead of saying “between 1 kilometer turn left”, Siri will say “turn left at the next traffic light”. There are also improvements to navigation designed to get close to the destination of your end-point in larger places, such as concerts.

The hours of transit in real-time are now available in the Maps app, including arrival times, stops and network connections for a better planning of the route. The real-time information such as interruptions and cancellations are also listed in the Maps app.

The Reminders of iOS, 13 have been completely redesigned and improved. Apple was clearly inspired by one of the popular applications the “To-Do” to create a task manager, a full. Now the application has been divided into four parts: Today, Scheduled, All Marked. In this way we can better organize the reminders, you can manage various lists depending on the level of priority or precedence temporal.

Within the application Messages has been added to a personal profile. Just like on WhatsApp, we can define our profile picture, that appears automatically to all of our contacts and iMessage. It was also improved the search function and added new customizations to the Memoji, as well as the addition of Dual-SIM support for iMessage.




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