IOS 13.1 brings a new feature exclusive to the iPhone 11


Published on Aug 30, 2019


iOS 13.1 brings a new feature exclusive to the iPhone 11

A few weeks before the release officially of the iPhone 11 iOS and 13, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 13.1, which, in addition to bringing the new and old features, adds a very interesting.

We are talking about the support for the video encoding hevc analyzer with alpha channels. Thanks to this new feature we will be able to edit video shot with the iPhone 11 in real time, by doing things such as deleting the objects in the foreground and/or background.

Apple has acquired a company that was developing exactly this functionality – Spektral – and now is taking advantage of the option in iOS 13. Here's what it says Spektral on its technology:

Our pioneering technology and unique techniques are based on machine learning and artificial vision at the forefront. Combining neural networks and deep theory of graph spectral with the computing power of the modern GPU, our engine can process images and video from the camera in real time (60 FPS) directly on the device.

This will very likely result in change in real-time video record, or stream, adding images, effects and backgrounds to video . This is what the new iPhone will probably be able to, with the new chips A13 and technology Spektral.




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