IOS 12, to change the quality of recording Voice Memos


Published on Jun 19, 2018


On iOS 12, it will be possible to modify the quality of recording voice memos, inside the new app, the redesigned and improved.

On iOS 12 is updated to the application related to Voice Memos, which can count on a re-design and new features. Here, then, is how to change the recording quality.

The functionality in question can help many users to choose the quality of recording so as to prefer the highest quality only when necessary and reduce the size of the voice memo when it comes to the notes less and less relevant.

To do all this, you will need to go inside the settings of iOS (iOS 12, which is currently in beta), and follow the steps described below:

As you can see from the images, if we compress the recordings, we will have an AAC file but if we choose the option without compression, you will have a file much more heavy and full-bodied.

The choice then is to the end user, that must select the settings closest to your needs, maybe from time to time.

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