IOS 12: statistics on use of the app, notifications of the group and new to the “do Not disturb”


Published on Jun 04, 2018


With iOS 12 and get the expected notifications group, widely requested by users tired to see dozens and dozens of individual notification. Small new even for the function “do Not disturb”, in addition to the new Screen Time designed to limit the “dependence” on smartphones.

A new feature “do Not disturb” will allow you to see only the clock of the iOS from the unlock screen, without any notification. The new mode of do Not disturb allows you to stop the function automatically according to a time, to a location or to a default action. And “do Not disturb during the sleep, which helps people to sleep better by reducing the brightness of the display,

Also important is the new feature “Screen Time“, from Settings iOS 12 will show a thorough overview of how we used our iPhone in the last week or daily.

The user may also set limits on usage for a single app, with Screen Time, which will show a warning when this limit will be exceeded. Reports daily and weekly to show the total time spent on each app, the use of a particular category of app, how many notifications arrive, and how many times you take in hand your iPhone or iPad. In addition, Screen Time allows parents to access the performance reports of the activities of the children from your iOS device using the function “family” to iCloud, and set up schedules to limit the use of the iOS device on the part of the children, for example, when it is time to go to bed. All of this can be also managed by remote.

Finally, iOS 12 will bring the notifications are grouped, that will allow the user to see updates that are grouped for a single app. iOS 12 offers users more options to control the notifications they receive. For example, they can manage them on the fly to make sure that they arrive without sounds or turn them off completely.

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