IOS 12: how to upgrade from the beta to the final version


Published on Sep 17, 2018


You have the beta of iOS 12 and look for the procedure to update your iPhone to the final version? Let's discover what are the steps to do that now.

The first step to do is to save a backup of your iOS device so you do not risk any kind of loss of data. Prudence, in these cases, is really a must.

But we come to the point: the first thing to do is to remove the distribution profile of the beta that you can find in your settings, under General > Profiles.

Once you have located the profile of the beta iOS just remove it, confirm it with the unlock code and restart the device. In this way, you'll be ready to update your device, if, indeed, there are new versions.

In the event that the final build is the same as the last beta (assume the GM), the device will not find – now – update but the next update will search only the final versions you more download other beta versions. If the build instead is different, it will download the latest final version, and then installed.

You can also do this from your computer, via iTunes. The steps are the following:

Attention, in this case to press the button for the update and not restore, otherwise all data will be lost.

These were the ways to go from the beta to the final version of iOS 12, to discover the new update you can read our insights.

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