IOS 12: Here's how to use the new Camera on the iphone to apply Effects and Animoji to the real photos


Published on Sep 23, 2018



The image that you see below, was published a few days ago on the account in Instagram @iSpazio. Many users already know perfectly how to create and use Memoji, tuttiavia, through the comments, many have asked how it was possible to apply these emoticons, and other effects on real photos. In this article we will explain everything and we also anticipate that we will do others of this type: for many, many will be simple or trivial, but for others can be useful, and represent a sort of guide to get the most out of your iPhone.

We say that all these innovations are only found inside the Camera on the iphone. So this is not about the Camera application, traditional, them you will not find anything of all this.

You will then need to:


Once open, it will load a strip above the Shutter button. Here we find in order:


Imagination becomes your only limit. You can apply on your face the Animoji or Memoji, which will follow all your movements, while still on your body. With filters, you can set the cartoon effect, sketch effect, black-and-white, and so on.


There are various style of the text, applied to the most graphically that is suitable and then write everything that you want. The same is true for the forms, and both will remain positioned exactly where you have them made, and then by moving the camera, these stickers do not move from the starting area and will appear only when framed in that place.


IOS 12: Here's how to use the new Camera on the iphone to apply Effects and Animoji to the actual photo comes from iSpazio.




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