IOS 12.1 reduces the performance of the iPhone X and iPhone 8... but you can turn it off


Published on Oct 31, 2018


Last year, users have noticed that with the passage of time, its the iPhone became slower and slower. After some time, Apple has admitted and explained the problem. Basically, starting from iOS 10.2.1, has been added a control that can prevent sudden shutdowns due to a battery deterioration. In these circumstances, then, the iPhone slows down the performance of requests peaks the energy is too high to manage with respect to the state of the battery.

Today, this system that conserves battery power and the life of the hardware, has been extended to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with version 12.1 of iOS.

According to a statement from Apple: the lithium-ion batteries have a limited life. With the aging of the battery also reduces its capacity to provide a sudden increase of power when prompted by the iPhone. For example, if we start an advanced game or a lot of other applications at the same time, the CPU and the GPU to send a pulse to the battery that will supply more energy. When the battery is new, the operation succeeds without any problem but when the battery is deteriorated, it may fail to provide the required energy, causing the turning off of the device. To avoid this problem and protect all the components of the iPhone, Apple integrates a performance management system within iOS that, in some cases, can slow the system down by not having a peak energy that is too high, but defer this request in the most number of milliseconds, sufficient to avoid a shutdown.

In spite of Apple to have used a hardware and software design the most advanced iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the problem may still occur and for this reason iOS 12.1 introduces the same performance management capabilities that until now we had only seen on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, 7 and 7 Plus.

There is, however, a very important difference. Given that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are still pretty new and have built-in measures that should prevent the shutdown, Apple this time offers the possibility to choose the user. By going to Settings > Battery > Battery Status-you can enable or disable the mode that prevents the shutdown (and slow down). This button will appear only on devices with a battery is deteriorated.

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