IOS 11.3 allow you to approve purchases in the “family” using the Face ID!


Published on Jan 30, 2018


A little over a month ago, we announced that through the Face ID it was not possible to authorise purchases on the App Store and iTunes Store for the members of a family group. Fortunately, the situation has changed!

Through colleagues of 9to5mac, we have come to the knowledge of the fact that after the lamentatele that owners of an iPhone X have turned to Apple, because of the impossibility of approving the purchases using Face ID, we finally arrived at a turning point: things will change soon with the new update of iOS!

While on the devices with Touch ID has always been possible to approve purchases using the biometric authentication, the same feature was not implemented for Face ID, presumably because:

“Since this release system can easily be deceived through the strong resemblance that a family member may have with the organizer of the group, Apple has decided to cut directly to the chase. In order not to run the risk that, for example, a daughter that is visually similar to the mother, dirotti the approval of a purchase by the Face ID, by running unauthorized purchases, the simple solution was to disable the face detection for this kind of operations.”

The turning point came with the testing of the first beta of iOS 11.3. With this version of iOS, you can approve a purchase on the device using Face ID. The first time you receive a request for approval of a purchase, the parent (or legal guardian) must enter the password; from then on, subsequent approvals will be confirmed by the Face ID.

We leave you with a video that explains in more detail this procedure.


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