IOS 10.3: Apple suggests to enable authentication in two steps, via push notification


Published on Feb 25, 2017


As reported by 9to5Mac, this night, Apple has started to release, for users of the beta of iOS 10.3, a series of push notifications, with the purpose to highlight the possibility to activate the account authentication in two steps.

By one swipe from the lockscreen on the badge notification, users who have installed the beta of the latest version of iOS will display a screen within the settings of the iPhone, which will explain what is meant by “Authentication in two steps”, and what benefits, in terms of safety, this procedure may bring.

In spite of the warning can safely be ignored, opening the settings again, users will have a further warning, at the top of the list, on just this login option.

Within the tab, the following information:

The authentication in two steps is the best method to keep your account safe. It can protect you even if someone knows your password.

During the procedure of identification, you will be prompted to login via the device and the phone number.

To delete the notification, you'll have to remove it manually or, at most, to enable this procedure: is not enough then unlock simply iPhone to make it disappear.

However, to enable as described above is particularly simple: simply open the tab dedicated to the settings and select “Enable”, and confirm your phone number. At this point, you will receive an email on your email account, which will include the successful activation.

The attention of Apple in relation to security is therefore increasingly a priority, and, although at the time the notification is displayed only to users of iOS 10.3 beta, when the firmware will be released publicly it may appear periodically,

The authentication in two steps, however, is a great step forward in regards to privacy, a factor which, considering the increasing use of iCloud services, is not to be taken lightly.

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