IOS 10.1: Here's how it works, the “Portrait Mode” on the iPhone 7 Plus, which adds to the “Depth” in the photos


Published on Sep 21, 2016


Apple has just released iOS 10.1 enabling, exclusively on the iPhone 7 Plus, in the Portrait Mode. It is very simple and it starts by starting the Camera of iOS, then choosing the entry “Portrait” between the options “Square”, “Panoramic”, and so on.

When we activate this mode, the iPhone 7 Plus active both cameras which is fitted to and then start, at a software level, a series of complex operations.

Even though other smartphone manufacturers have launched this feature for a few years, what happens on the iPhone 7 Plus is very different and much more precise and sophisticated.

The new smartphone applies a three-dimensional mapping in real-time to everything that is framed. Works with both people and objects. The mapping is a 9 levels and is able to distinguish everything there is in the foreground compared to the background.

Depending on the distance between the subject, the background becomes more or less blurred, creating the most beautiful photographs and professional, just as a Reflex.

To capture the image Apple uses the telephoto lens to 56mm, which has a wide-angle lens to capture depth data, has a wider field of view and has not the effect of compression you would get with another camera with a 28mm. Subsequently, the image processor of the iPhone 7 Plus will apply the blur to the background, that will be all the more intense as the distance of the subject from the same.

The first thing we have to emphasize that this feature is still in beta phase, and reminds us of a message that appears at startup. When we try to take a photo, the application will show us some of the instructions on the screen to get better effects. For example, you may be required to a greater enlightenment, a greater distance from the subject (the ideal is 2.5 m), and so on.

Only when we will comply with all warnings on the screen, you will notice the written DEPTH on the screen, within an orange box. This will allow us to understand that the shot that we are going to make will be added to the effect of depth that sfocherà the background.

iOS 10.1 beta 1 is the first version that enables this feature on the iPhone 7 Plus. Unfortunately it was released at a time in the evening where the lack of light makes it difficult to made a good test. For the moment we have managed to create this image where you can see how the background changes with depth, and without depth.

Thanks to TechCrunch, we can show you other photos taken with this mode, where the effect is even more visible with professional results:




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