#iorestoacasa also the vip mobilise and launch videos and messages on social: stay in the house


Published on Mar 08, 2020


And now the time has come to give the good example and seen what is happening in Italy in these hours, perhaps the messages of celebrities loved and followed in both tv and on social, they can serve to invite everyone to stay in the house. Outbreaks the coronavirus in Italy grow even today: more than 1000 more cases compared to yesterday, the Lombardy region is at the limit of the forces as regards the health facilities, having regard to the great increase of positive patients in the region.

And then on the social, part of a campaign social starring celebrities and the faces loved from the world of music the world of cinema through the tv. Among the first to launch the message #iorestoacasa there is Fiorello. “I have an idea for all of us given the period, but because we're not all at home,” says Fiorello on social, his message is also posted on the channels of social Rai, to try to get the largest number of italians. Fiorello jokes on this rush to make appetizers, dinners, outings in the group! You need to stay in the house and give the example! “You rediscover new games, play Monopoli, Risiko, you can have fun at home with your family, you are in the home that is best , we don't go out in this period, it's so good on the couch. There is casismo around me, do like me, stay home,” said the comedian in his message.

The message of Fiorello on social

#iorestoacasa Risiko, Monopoly and many other board games. Guys listen to @Fiorello and in free time from study, have fun staying home. 💪

Launches the same message Luciano Ligabue

The thing is serious, guys. Let us help them(us) to contain the contagion.#iorestoacasa #coronavirus #covid19italia #covid19

And from the red zone also Antonella Clerici invites everyone to stay at home: make pizza, make a cake, watch a good movie, read, do homework. We do all those things for which we never find the time.

#iostoacasa #coronavirus

The same message also from Amadeus

It is important for the good of us all... #iorestoacasa #coronavirus #seguiamoleregole

A post shared by Giovanna Civitillo & Amadeus 💑 (@giovanna_e_amadeus) on Mar 8, 2020 at 9:17am PDT

There are a lot of messages thrown by the famous faces via social media. And now is the time for all of us, let us have the good sense, respecting simple rules, because it serves to protect us.

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