InuYasha, the animated series available on Netflix Italy


Published on Oct 01, 2019


Netflix Italy has added to its catalog the anime seasons 1 and 2 of the animated series comes from the manga InuYasha of Rumiko Takahashi (Lamù, Ranma 1/2), published by Edizioni Star Comics in Italy.

The series, produced by Sunrise (Gundam, The Five Samurai), has arrived for the first time in our Country in the early 2000, thanks to Dynamic Italy; MTV has transmitted in the clear in the first TV.

The young Kagome Higurashi, a normal student in school, is thrown in spite of himself, in the era Sengoku, and is promptly rescued from the old Kaede, who seems to recognize her as his dead sister Kikyo, the valiant priestess disappeared fifty years before. The village in which they are found, however, is suddenly attacked by a scary demon of hideous aspect of the woman-centipede, in search of a mystical jewel in the possession of the unconscious Kagome, who is thus forced to a desperate escape that will lead her to cross the road of Inuyasha, a strange boy with silver hair and a curious pair of ears of dogs.

Those who were not subscribed to Netflix can see InuYasha on the inside of the space Ka-Boom! of the regional networks affiliated to the SuperSix.

Recall that from 1 October it is also available in a Dwarf on Netflix; the other new anime of the month can be found here.

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