Introducing the new iPhone, as you follow the LIVE on iPhoneItalia!


Published on Sep 10, 2018


Ready for the presentation of three new iphones and the Apple Watch Series 4? In order not to miss anything and to be informed in real time with photos and news coming from Cupertino, you can follow the LIVE iPhoneItalia, which will start at 18.30, September 12.

The keynote “Gather Round,” Apple will start at 19.00 on Wednesday 12 September. The staff of iPhoneItalia will accompany you to the event with a half an hour early where we discuss the latest rumors and we will propose you the first preview pictures from the Steve Jobs Teather.

This is the Apple event of the most awaited of the year, given that will be presented to three iPhone (two models OLED 5.8 and 6.5 inches, and a LCD model 6.1 inch), and very probably also with the new Apple Watch Series 4. But there could be lots of other surprises.

To find out everything that will be presented on the 12th of September, you have to do is log on to the page-LIVE - ( and follow our LIVE that will start at 18.30. Also, as happened with the last few Apple events, you will be able to follow live on the YouTube channel of iPhoneItalia streaming of Apple commented on by us in Italian!

During the event, on the blog we will publish practically live all of the articles in conjunction with the novelties presented by Apple, so as to provide immediately all details about iPhoneItalia.

At the end of the presentation, on iPhoneItalia, iPadItalia, and SlideToMac will be published more articles and videos focus on all of the new products announced by Apple, clearly divided according to the type, on our websites (news, iPhone to iPhoneItalia, news iPad on iPadItalia, news Mac on SlideToMac).

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