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Published on Dec 07, 2017


The first thought to the trade fair entrance during the first day: running to stand Hollow Press to grab the first possible a copy of The Rust the Kingdom, the new work of Terry (the stage name of Tommaso Di Spigna), released in September, during the Treviso Comic Book Festival. And there I was right, because in the days following the fair, the comic has gone sold out. The volume is in my hands, in all its rough cover: 176 pages of colour just waiting to be devoured by the eyes, in the same way as they are devoured some of the characters within the graphic novel.
Find the author (and it is free) it was a colossal undertaking. Finally, I pull him to a group of guys that were there with him to chat about a certain Empire, and to ask him some questions.

MF: Thanks Terry for these five minutes with us! In September you posted with the Hollow Press graphic novel The Rust Kingdom. What can you tell of this to your work?

S: This is my second graphic novel and is an adventure splatter, based squartamenti and violence. Basically it is a fantasy, post-apocalyptic, in fact I have immediately found in the Hollow Press the home better to publish this project. The intention was to create something of pure fiction, as well many, and by knowing the tastes and influences of the publishing house, I would say that I was fine. It is a story grim and truculent.

MF: The narrative structure of the story allows you to create a screenplay, a perfect fusion between images and words, as images there are many words and there are a few. What were your sources for this type of narrative structure? Which authors have you studied?

S: I have always loved a certain type of comic book action, or rather a cross between comic book action and the graphic novel. Definitely one of the first works that made me take the spring in the brain years ago was Mesmo Delivery Rafael Grampà: I lit the brain, because it was a history minimal, with few dialogues, but a lot of action and was of a certain type of action is very aesthetic, it was possible to make only in a comic. That made me question immediately about how beautiful it is to tell in comics this type of action. It's always been a bit of a my cue to try to tell that way. I would also add One Piece! I don't read many manga, but One Piece I always liked very much. I follow him still, even if inadvertently. I've drawn from here for the study of the dynamics and the action sequences, in fact, I put many things that are inspired by manga inside of this book. I add to the list also stuff prosthetics and american authors, from the dirty and dynamic.

Half-Satan Sold out! 333 copies of "The rust kingdom" by @thomas.dispigna sold @ @luccacomicsandgames

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MF: Under the graphic point of view, instead, where your imagination and where to proceed?

S: Surely part from Jacovitti, passing Segar, Crumb, Cattivik, Oda, from a number of works and authors of the Italian underground (Alberto Ponticelli, Ratigher) and the americans (as the Grampà already mentioned). They are all a series of authors who have a sign a little “pupazzoso” and rotten. On my list of authors there are both of a type that of the other, I am between these two languages.

MF: The comic was a great success both at the Treviso Comic Book Festival (where it was presented), here at Lucca Comics And Games, where it has been sold out. The question is, are you doing so much evil in the hands of fury “sketchare”?

S: No, fortunately I'm not terrible! Are you fast enough to draw the sketches, unlike when they are at home, where I got comfortable. Do the sketches in the exhibition, to me it is a kind of personal duty, which I take not a thing professional. For me it is a big pleasure: you never get to have the evil hand.

MF: Speaking of the future post - The Rust Kingdom. There will be a new collaboration with Hollow Press? Or will you create something for other markets in a completely different way?

S: Yes, and yes. Definitely I am carrying on a discourse with Hollow Press, because I feel like it's a place where I can carry a certain poetic themes and that I can tell. It also has an aesthetic clear and defined that myself a lot. For the rest, I have things boiling in the pot, but I can't say anything yet.

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